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High Quality Rosin Press plates


Anodized Black

Our plates are anodized in a smooth food grade finish that aids even heat transfer, reduces friction between the plates and allows for easy cleanup.


Durable Electrical Case

We use American Made durable Pelican Cases to protect and house our advanced electrical controls. Designed to be used in a cold room.


Versatile Compatibility

Our Rosin Plate Kits will fit  any Shop Press with up to a 2" ram so you are free to use the H-frame press of your choice.

Benefits of Anodizing Rosin Press Plates

Health.  Our plates are put through an non-toxic food grade anodizing process that leverages the naturally occurring oxide process.  

Durability. Anodizing our plates extends their long life span and saves on maintenance.  Our anodized surfaces won’t chip or peel with heavy use. 

Low Maintenance and Cost. Wear and tear from heavy use, handling, installation and cleaning are virtually non-existent.

Aesthetics.  Unlike other finishes, anodizing allows the aluminum to maintain its metallic appearance.